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Assistant professor at Rutgers University-Newark as of Jan. 2017! If you are interested in reptile systematics, especially snakes, please contact me at I am actively recruiting students for my newly established lab. If you are an undergrad who wants to do research I have opportunities available, but please read this prior to inquiring!

Most recently a postdoc at the LSU Museum of Natural Science, working with Chris Austin on snake related projects, especially taxa from New Guinea (forthcoming pubs on all this!). Prior to LSU, I was a postdoctoral researcher working at the American Museum of Natural History, focusing on the phylogenetics and describing unrecognized diversity of Malagasy snakes. I completed my doctorate in the Biology EEB program with Frank Burbrink at CUNY (conferred 2/13) (Frank is now a curator at AMNH, see here), where I used molecular data to update the taxonomic hypotheses for milksnakes across their ranges in the USA, Central, and South America.


The Ruane Lab seeks to simultaneously inform reptile and amphibian systematics while also answering broad, contemporary questions in evolutionary biology. Some of my current research focuses on the phylogenetics of the Malagasy pseudoxyrhophiines, which includes the use of molecular data in the form of next-generation sequencing and traditional Sanger-sequencing approaches, as well as ecological and morphological data to aid in understanding what factors promote speciation in these snakes. I am also working on a project examining undescribed diversity in the poorly known New Guinea ground snakes, Stegonotus. New and upcoming research from the Ruane Lab will include co-historical demography and genetic diversity of NJ squamates. While my interests in herpetology are broad, my lab focuses primarily on snakes, especially with respect to systematics, phylogenetics, and phylogeography.


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Sara Ruane
Department of Biological Sciences
206 Boyden Hall
Rutgers University
195 University Ave.
Newark, NJ 07102

Phone: 973-353-1429



Sara with Boa constrictor